La vie quotidienne and Interstices for/of Conversation

‘Interstices represent what is left of resistance in big cities to normativity and regulation, to homogenization and appropriation… Interstices ease constraints.’ Nicola Le Strat, P., 2007, (trans. Hyatt, M.) Interstitial Multiplicity, accessed at

Locate, exploring and playing with the in-between nature of curatorial conversation. Specifically looking at the biennial as a cross-cutting of many different practitioners who work in and invest in the arts and who contribute to the curatorial, in its early stages Continuous Curatorial Conversations attempted to represent a slice of the polyphony in the field. The outcome of the archive is where it is hoped that this polyphony can reside and grow, and this platform plays a crucial role in recording a series of histories reflected through different voices. As the above quotation indicates, there is something inherently heterogeneous in interstitial conversation. Resisting, pre-dating, or dislocating itself from the mainstream discourse, it is possible to locate freshness, novelty, or dissent from an established consensus.

‘Just like subjective identity constructions, collectives are relational, and are generated by dynamics of antagonistic interaction that manifest themselves via the experience of difference and translation, and shape option-finding processes.’ (Emphasis added). Schlieben, Katharina, The Crux of Polyphonic Language, or the Thing as Gathering, in Manifesta Journal 8, 2010, p.19.

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