An exploration of the nuance of conversational encounter and its presentation, with examples collated at Manifesta 8, the 54th Venice Biennale, and Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.


Continuous Curatorial Conversations is born from  a practice-led exploration by Alexandra Ross into the role of conversation within the curatorial and the recording thereof. It experiments with conversation and its potential as a tool to contribute to the polyphonic writing of the history of curatorial practice. Its focus is on the evolution and nuance of conversation and the value of the oral when compared to its written or transcribed counterpart.


Continuous Curatorial Conversations, focuses on the subtleties of conversation, drawing attention to the art of conversation and refining its utility as an approach to mine and capture aspects of the curatorial. Through this exploration of conversation as subject and conversation within the curatorial, attention is drawn to the growing appearance of conversational activity within the curatorial, and ways and means to apply and understand it more accurately. Rather than replicate PR-laden presentations of exhibitions or projects, the conversations I wish to draw attention to, value and present, are those which inform, sketch out, talk through, collaborate, bring projects into being and, currently fall off the record; to value of the oral within the curatorial, in its unpolished, original, convivial, and personality infused form.

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