Blog entry for Mnemoscape Magazine issue on Remoteness

By Alexandra CM Ross and Gayle Meikle


‘A Polyphonic Essay on Intimacy and Distance presented at the Transart Triennale  in August (2016) was a performance, presentation and discussion on themes relating to the concepts of intimacy and distance incorporating newly commissioned artworks from Mohammad Namazi and Koleka Putuma. A key component to the project was the performative scaffold we, the curators created to support and give shape to the project.

In the following textual and audio conversation, we present two layers of this process. On the left hand side, we have extracted the textual quotations we referenced and read aloud during the live event. These have been presented chronologically in an effort to discern if these texts present the essence of the Polyphonic Essay. On the right hand side can be found a transcript of a recorded conversation between the curators discussing the process of collaboration over great distance (UK and South Africa). During this conversation there is a discussion of the process leading to the performative scaffold. This conversation was conducted and recorded over Skype (Newcastle to Cape Town) on Tuesday 15th November 2016. ‘